Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday Favourites #1

So this is the first ever entry on my newest blog SwiftBooks! I really hope that we will meet some wonderful people on here who are passionate on anything and everything about books and to start joining in the conversations! First of all it's Fridays so that means it's Friday favourites where we discuss our very favorite books that we have read and why they were so special! 

So first up for me is The Doomspell by Cliff McNish. 

Author: Cliff McNish

Title: The Doomspell

Genre: Speculative Fiction

Star rating: 4.5 out of 5

Image from Goodreads

The Doomspell is the first book of a wonderful trilogy about two children that are brought into a completely different world with eternal snow thanks to the ownership of the evil Witch that rules it. Many have tried to defeat the witch but to no avail. Thousands of Children just like the two main characters Rachel and Eric have been brought to the world just like them as the Witch is trying to find the one with enough power to release her from her banishment of the land. The Wizards of the place give children different powers to try and finish the Queen, but non as of yet have managed to succeed. Rachel finds out that she is a spellmaker, where she is able to change shape, fly and also to scent magic from near and far, Eric, her brother has the power to destroy spells. Its up to Rachel and Eric to try and protect the children and and defeat the witch for good. 

Now I know that it sounds quite cliche, but I must stress that this is just an amazing book to start off the trilogy. McNish has created a perfect journey for all children and teens to follow on a magical and epic journey and you will definitely get hooked!
I remember the time I picked up this book when I was around 15 when I first got serious about reading, and I still remember the world it took me to every night before I slept. You know those special kind of books that you just can't put down and you must read just one more chapter? Yep, this is the first book that did that for me. This book is more for preteens, but I recommend everyone to read this at-least once! 

What are your ultimate favourite books that you have read so far and why? It'll be really interesting to hear other peoples thoughts and see what people are into and maybe find some new favourite books to read! 

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