Friday, 4 July 2014

Books first impressions?

So you are hunting for new book.. nothing in particular, so what draws you to a new book to take back to add to your collection? The author? The title? The book cover? The reviews? 
When I go out book hunting, the first think that really attracts my attention is the design on the front of the book. I know that is a little shallow of me, but I usually don't have time to sift through hundreds of books looks at their titles.. I bet i've missed a few gems in the past because of this, but again the books that are displayed with their fronts showing definitely have a better chance of coming home with me. I mean if I did come across some authors names I recognise, I will genrally pick them up, but my very first impressions is "oh that' a nifty book cover, I bet that interesting." It feels weird the more I talk about it but the best example of this happening is with the book The Green Rider by Kristen Britain. I haven't seen a more beautiful book cover in my life and it really attracted me because I love mystical creatures and also I instantly knew the artist that did the drawing. The artist has also created the cover for the other 3 books in the series and is absolutely beautiful. 

The artist is called Pallanoph and you can go ogle his artwork here on his Deviantart account. Can't you agree that they are amazing? The composition, colours and style really suit the book perfectly and actually fits with the book itself. I am currently reading the first of the books so a review will come very soon! 

However although this usually works for me, there has been times I have chosen wrongly. I won't say they are bad books because I believe no book is bad. But an example of this is the famous Christopher Paolini's inheritance cycle books, the first being Eragon. The book itself is very pleasing to the eye in my opinion. As I said I love mystical creatures so these books got me hook line and sinker, but that's all.

 When I actually got down to read the books, I really could not get into them which is a real shame. I have heard they are amazing but unfortunately quite hard to get into though and my thought of reading is to be able to just sit back and let the book take you into a different world and not have to work for it!  However, the artist that created the inheritance cycle dragons can be found Here

Maybe this way is not suited for others, maybe people research books before going to buy or go for a particular author. But for me, my books vary from authors such as Shaun Hutson to J.K Rowling to things like Bram Stoker and the likes of Charles Dickens, I really do like to keep an open mind, but book covers certainly do help to grab viewers attentions! 

So what do you look for in a book? I would love to know your opinions. Best book cover that you have seen and did it grab your attention? 

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